DPRK Artwork offers the world's largest collection of contemporary North Korean art available for purchase—along with some of the most unique and rarest works from the isolated country.

All works are products of the Korean Art Studio, a fresh, contemporary art institution modeled on Mansudae, the infamous Pyongyang-based studio responsible for the creation of North Korea's colossal monuments, omnipresent propaganda and the only organisation officially sanctioned to portray the Kim family. The studio is not a school, nor a Chinese-style chain factory, but a high quality production centre that employs over half the nation's artists who have received the two highest artistic awards available in North Korea.

Please note: All works shown on this website are part of a private collection and can be legally sold. Furthermore, no transaction goes to any UN sanctioned parties whatsoever. Each piece comes with provenance. Any museum, gallery or public institution interested in holding an exhibition is welcome to contact us.

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